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What’s New at SIGIS

What's Happening in the Daycare Programs

SIGIS has implemented an in-house, weekly music program for all age groups. Sharon Dowie is a music teacher and harp therapist who is an expert in early childhood education.

SIGIS has implemented an in-house Preschool Program which runs 3 days/week. Dana Abella is an elementary school teacher with over 9 years of teaching experience.

What's Happening in the OSC Programs

Did you know that our SIGIS Rundle location provides care to children in grades 4-6 and has taken a unique approach to captivating this age group! Their planning is next level!

Employment Opportunities

Are you ready for a rewarding career? SIGIS Child Care Society has positions for high caliber Educators that are passionate, hardworking & knowledgeable in the field of early learning.

SIGIS offers paid health benefits, RRSP program, competitive wages, comprehensive professional development, on-site training & regular incentives.

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